We are proud of our success

and there is no greater gratification than being recognized by clients and peers.




Our clients aren’t shy
about singing our praises,

so we won’t be shy in sharing their notes of gratitude. 

See what they have to say about working with us…

“Please extend my warmest thank you to the INK & ROSES team. You all helped me feel so supported and were easy to work with as I opened up about my experience. I think we fashioned a good message, and I now have it to go forward in the health media. Strong work everyone.” (February 2019)

Huge thank you for your partnership in growing PR and developing our new landscape… a lot of the strategies we have developed and evolved over this year have been in advice or direction from you both and or your agency.” (August 2018)

“You did such a great job and we can't be thankful enough for all of your dedication, hard work and passion for the brand. Everything was beyond beautiful and we got a lot of positive feedback from our colleagues, friends and media partners who had a chance to stop by.” (March 2018)

"I would like to congratulate and thank the Ink & Roses team (and you are a team)… for all the ways you made the experience of the last  2 days [editor desksides] pleasurable and triumphant. Your professionalism in preparation communication and clarity of purpose was only exceeded by the hospitality I experienced from the beginning. I am excited to be a part of a team that understands integrity, hard work, kindness, and staying the course will never bring anything but the success that you design for yourself." (September 2016)

This PR firm really does ROCK — have worked with many firms and nothing compares to Ink & Roses!”  (January 2015)

“… thank you and the whole I&R team for excellent organization of yesterday’s event… I have received congratulation messages from [senior leadership and company founder] and would like to extend them to you. You did a GREAT job.” (August 2016)

“… thank you for your partnership for the past 7 years. Together we were able to accomplish tremendous things on behalf of the brand. We appreciate your commitment, hard work and exceptional results. (July 2016)

“[You are]…absolutely a dream of an agency. If it was not for Ink & Roses insanely methodical attention to detail, creative genius and clever ideas, we would not have accomplished as much as we did. Our project was a home run and anytime I can bring Ink & Roses to the table on a program, I never hesitate to do so as they are pro's at what they do.” (February 2013)

“A great milestone — 1 billion impressions since the launch! Great job, team! Thank you!” (April 2015)

“Thank you for all you did to make The Most Powerful Women Summit not only a huge success, but also so much fun. You’re my heroes!” (October 2015)

“Wow! Thursday’s event was truly top notch in every way shape and form! Thank you all so much for your passion and commitment to bringing [our corporate] heritage to life in such a beautiful and compelling way. The room was completely transformed and the feedback I have been receiving from our most senior leaders is what every communications person dreams about. The excitement and interest that we were able to create … will serve us well as we continue our journey! As always, thank you for your constant hard work, flexibility and enthusiasm!” (April 2015)

“Thank you all for a spectacular event; a success in every way! All your hard work, talent and dedication is greatly appreciated…at the best Awards event ever!!!!”
(June 2018)

“Dearest amazing Ink & Roses Team, We'd like to say thank you (times a million!!!!) for all your hard work….We 100% Cannot do this without you! You help us blossom :)
(February 2018)

“Just wanted to check in with you and let you know how happy I am with everything. Not just because of the super NY Times placement this weekend, but in general. Your team continues to show the highest level of professionalism and organizational skills. It’s only been a short time, but I am truly enjoying the experience of working with each and every one of them. In the hyper-competitive arena of P.R., we are so glad we have chosen Ink & Roses.(November 2016)

“Much gratitude to you and the entire team for outstanding execution; you are making our jobs so much easier!!” (March 2015)

Paving new ground – very proud of the entire team!” (November 2014)

“… congratulations on such an amazing event today. You truly knocked it out of the park, it really was a phenomenal event. From beginning to end it was executed flawlessly.” (July 2014)

“Thank you so much for your thorough, incredible, tireless, passionate (how many more adjectives can we get in here?) work…! Our management team is very pleased with both the speed and quality of our action plans – especially the focus on both reactive actions and proactive plans to strengthen our credentials in the future with the media community. We know this has been an exorbitant amount of work over the past few weeks, but we can truly say that every minute spent has been worth it! THANK YOU!” (May 2010)

“… great event; the execution was flawless. Well done and thank you for such a collaborative effort…”  (September 2014)

“I&R has been an incredible partner for more than seven years and consistently executed exceptional, award winning work on behalf of the brands. My working relationship with I&R dates back to as far as when the agency started working with [the company consumer brands] so I definitely have the sense of growing together over the years and can’t thank the team enough.” (April 2016) 

“Thank you for all of your hard work on [this] initiative. I have been consistently impressed with the team at Ink & Roses. You brought this innovative idea to the marketing team and acted as its champion as it evolved from a PR idea to an overarching brand pillar. Your team has effortlessly navigated the complexities of bringing together multiple agency partners toward a common vision... And you did it in less than 3 months!!” (February 2012)

“The editorial connections you are guiding me on are major and greatly appreciated!”
(June 2018)

“I wanted to again say Thank You for all of the HARD WORK, DEDICATION, ENERGY, and mostly patience during the last several weeks for the Blue Jacket Fashion Show sponsorship / activation.  Last night was a GREAT SUCCESS and loved seeing all of the pieces come together and work beautifully.”
(February 2018)

“...this would not have been possible without the partnership from your team! You have been truly instrumental not only as strategic partners, but also as unfailing cheerleaders. Thank you!” (April 2017)

“I’d like to thank each of you for all of your work on the Blue Jacket Campaign. It was a tremendous night and everyone had a wonderful time! You all rocked it!” 
(February 2017)

"Thank you for continuing to be not only great business partners, but also great friends! Looking forward to an awesome 2017 of accomplishments, fun and lots of laughs." (January 2017)

"Thank you for your great partnership and here’s to another 1,000,000 and an even greater impact in 2016!” (February 2016)

“Thank you for creating a terrific TEDMED experience for [us] – and thank you for being our true partners. With tremendous gratitude…” (April 2013)

“I just wanted to thank each of you for the amazing day yesterday. You guys pulled everything off without a hitch, which was not an easy task. In addition, it represented the culmination of months of great work on your part. A few things I noted:

  • We had the who’s who of men’s journalism there... Fabulous work!!

  • Every detail was not only managed but optimized. I loved the detailed talking points, compelling invites, perfect venue with creative branding, detailed seating chart.

  • The strategic thinking and excellence in execution were amazing — truly best in class…

  • Great attitude, partnership & collaboration. You guys were a dream to work with on this event. Everything was so easy for us!!! We know that means extra work for you to make it so seamless for us — so thank you!” (June 2013)

“A big thank you from all of us … for the creative, professional and flawless execution of [our booth] at the Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash event! Ink & Roses once again created a fun, engaging & educational booth that was a hit with all the attendees. …Thank you for the effort and for continuing to raise the bar for us at Baby Buggy in the best possible way! The responses were priceless… I look forward to the opportunity to work with your team again. #Epicwin”  (June 2013)

“Thank you for being such a great partner to work with and for making it as easy as possible to do my job. You've done some fantastic things… good luck tomorrow on the SMT and Twitter party. I know you'll rock it!” (March 2016)